About the Author

Who exactly is He Who Blogs, how can you contact him, and why would you want to?

He Who Blogs is a freelance writer and full-time pop culture tragic, with what he declares as being a completely healthy obsession in regards to all things Doctor Who. His shelves happen to disagree.

He is currently hiding in a basement somewhere in Tasmania, a place that he swears actually does exist, despite the distinct lack of rotating two dimensional carnivores.

He claims to have once kissed a girl, and in the long distant past won an award for something or other. He doesn’t post here under his real name due to the mistaken belief that it makes him somehow enigmatic. He doesn’t post elsewhere under this particular alias due to the similarly mistaken belief that somebody might actually notice him and confirm his existence.

He also wishes it be known that in real life he rarely speaks in third person, although he also recommends that you consider the source rather carefully before putting too much faith in such information.

If you find yourself overcome with a sudden irrational desire to contact him for any reason – job offers, marriage proposals, lawsuits, site issues, idle threats, or just random abuse – he is only too happy to receive your correspondence. He may even reply if you’re, well, let’s just call it lucky, shall we?

So please, feel free to contact He Who Blogs at the following amazingly creative email address: admin@hewhoblogs.com

Or, you know, don’t. As he rocks backwards and forwards and pretends not to care.